My first thoughts on React

I’m diving into react, coming from vue, and I have some thoughts.

I started Kent C. Dodd’s Epic React course, and first off, i’ve barely scratched the surface. This course is excellent, and will likely be my go to recommendation if someone wants to learn react.

While the course is fantastic, I find React… awkward. Some of this is that JSX looks like a syntax error for me. But I’m working on getting over that, and trying to remember it’s just a compiler directive.

Another thing that I’m struggling with is propTypes. It’s ugly and feels a bit bolted on. My guess is this is a left over from the Class based syntax that has been moved away from and they haven’t found an elegant way of redoing it. This is likely just me being used to Vue and having a strong bias towards its syntax.

Overall, I am not very far into this journey, so I can’t talk much about technical implementation, efficiency, or nuances. I recognize this is mostly surface level observations, and I will try to keep up with my thoughts as I dive deeper.