Gif to SVG - A Story


I recently have updated the styling of my site to have a bit more.... character?

The other day someone linked me to and I was immediately mesmerized by the background. It reminded me of my early days of the internet and messing around with HTML at that time.

I opened up the background in a separate tab and watched it. After a bit, I thought to myself, "Couldn't you achieve this with SVG?" and thus began several hours of painstakingly recreating it by hand as an SVG. Animations and all.

starry night

This brings us to now. I have updated the styling of my site to have a bit of the old school retro feel while also using modern forms of styling.

I think my goal is to do something interesting with this background. I intend to keep messing with it, but ultimately, I want it to be able to respect prefers-reduced-motion to remove the animated bits.

Everyone enjoy!

Added RSS Feed


Huzzah for feed readers!

I've added an rss feed to the blog, so in theory, you can now subscribe in your favorite feed reader. At the moment, it only has the excerpt, and not the content. If there is interest in the content being in there, I will look into that.

You should leave a comment.... ohhhh..... hmmm...

Next on my to-do list will be adding a comment system!



Thoughts on moving to a new system.

I am currently moving over to the netlify name servers. Soon this will be the new home of my blog! Maybe I can also get some of my other old domains pointing here too.

Anyway, I wanted to make a system that was more maintainable than the old system. The old system was an early attempt at making a blog in vue and I will likely salvage what I can from it. This is backed by the netlifycms which is ridiculously handy for building static sites.

Another thing i am going to hopefully implement is an actual RSS feed for this blog. I just need to get gridsome set up with that.

Alright, I'm going to finish my coffee and greet the new day.

First post


Hello world!

I'm rebooting my blog as a gridsome site. because it's like gatsby but for vue... or at least that is my understanding. Let's see how this goes....