Cassidy asked if I had written anything, so here it is

Look, let’s be honest. You aren’t really here for some earth shattering information. You saw a very clickbaity title that I made to troll Cassidy Williams and quite honestly, I don’t think she was ACTUALLY expecting this.

As long as you are here though, I should write up some interesting links that I’ve found over the past few days that caught my attention.

Building The SSG I’ve Always Wanted: An 11ty, Vite And JAM Sandwich

Ben Holmes has an amazing write up of his time over the last almost 2 years of his adventures in making his own static site generator setup. It’s a great read, and honestly is so much fun.

Netflix Can do Better

The story of the week in my news feed is surrounding Netflix and the new Dave Chappelle special. I have even had a very long phone call with a friend about this. Rather than attempt to pontificate, I’ll link to the 2 articles I have read from the people who are living this story:

I’m writing about this specifically because the friend who called me was asking for perspective about it and he knew I might have thoughts. He is a Black man who is older than I and he asked me to watch the special so we could have a discussion about it. I have yet to watch it, but I will so that I can speak with him from an informed place.

Alpha Paintlet

Dave Rupert talks about using houdini to make custom CSS properties with more magic. I love new web technology and the unlimited terrible things you can do with it.

And that’s all. There, Cassidy. I wrote something. Your move.