Brain Dump - May 2022

I don’t have any brilliant insights to share today, or anything like that, I’m mostly just wanting to kinda put out some information because I feel like I should write more regular updates.

I’ve recently started using to help me focus, and BOY HOWDY has it helped (please ignore that I am writing this while not using it.) It helped so much so, that I took some time to make some modifications to the default Macos Shortcuts for setting Do Not Disturb mode that centered provides to start my own music playlist and close applications that are regularly distracting me.

I’ll be speaking in a couple of days at Stir Trek about geo-elements and how to make custom elements by remaking deprecated HTML elements. I need to rework the conclusion of the talk a bit, but I think it’s good? Hopefully people will get something out of it. I’ll also be presenting this talk at THAT Conference in July. So y’all all have another chance to see it in person.

I know at least three people who are doing personal site redesigns. My current site is built on gridsome and netlify CMS, and while I’ve been doing a lot more stuff with netlify cms, I kinda get worried about gridsome’s future. also frustrated a bit when i try and do things in it. So i may do a rewrite of my site in astro or eleventy/slinkity. We’ll see.