Review - Hot Betty's Breakfast Bar - Tucker, GA

Yesterday we went to Hot Betty’s Breakfast Bar for lunch and I figured I’d write down some thoughts.


The food was alright. I got the Chicken and Waffles and wasn’t blown away, but also it wasn’t terrible. The chicken was well cooked and had a good crispy fried outside, and a tender juicy inside. However, it was… lacking in flavor? Pizzazz? Kick?

I also had coffee which was from The Corner Cup down the street. Delightful and delicious as always.

My wife got the classic breakfast and seemed to like it, and let me have her biscuit. Let’s talk about the biscuit. (For those not in the USA, I do not mean a biscuit like you would have with tea, I mean a biscuit.)

  1. Can one consider it a biscuit if it is cooked more like cornbread? like… in a pan or sheet. this biscuit was square and clearly had been cut from a sheet.
  2. The biscuit was over-salted. I like salt. I like more salt than my wife when cooking things. So when I say the biscuit was salty, it was very salty.
  3. Much like with corn bread, I was not sure how to spread a jam, jelly, or butter on this biscuit. Do I cut it in half and sandwich it? Should I just spread it on top? This was exacerbated by the fact it was a little bit crumbly.


While it might be a touch loud to go to with my parents, it was perfectly fine for 30-somethings to gather for lunch. The art was very colorful and welcoming, and the seats were comfortable.


All in all, it wasn’t terrible. If you drink alcohol, there are libations there that will also entice you. We will probably return at some point… but will likely stay away from the biscuits.