Mechanical Keyboards - I get it now

So a couple of months ago I purchased 2 of “The Key v2” as an impulse purchase. I got a link to it a couple of minutes before the link went out to everyone, and so I pulled a Phillip J. Fry.

Phillip J. Fry from the tv show Futurama thrusting a handful of cash while saying "Shut up and Take my Money"

They arrived yesterday, and so i plugged one in. The joke about these keyboards is that they have 3 buttons: Control, C, and V. Everything a good programmer needs to copy and paste from stack overflow. However, these boards run QMK, which allows the keyboard to be reflashed with updated key mappings.

While I have multiple mechanical keyboards, none of them are reprogrammable. I had always figured it’d be too much effort to customize a keyboard, and do you really want to keep up with it? Boy howdy was I wrong.

I get it now.

I currently have my little 3 button keyboard set up with multiple layers acting as media keys, as well as space for other future functions. Now I am going to be looking more at keyboards where I can permanently remap my caps lock key to function the way I like it to. (If you tap capslock it functions as f24. If you hold it down it becomes the “hyper key”)