I think I now have a few people reading this, so I should update it more regularly, so let’s get some life updates in here.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Plus some other ones might be around the corner too. Stay tuned.

Recent Projects/Pens

General Updates

Streaming is going well. My follower count has stalled slightly, but this also gives me time to get things I need to get the confetti cannon working.

Work is extremely rewarding right now. Having just come from a job that put me on a path to burnout, this one is a breath of fresh air, and is an extremely good place to work for.

I am helping several friends with their wedding websites, and I love seeing how people want content to be set up. A great gift to a newly engaged couple is offering to help them put finishing touches on a WordPress site. They can usually get it 99% of the way there, and I come in and add the last few touches to make it what they want.

Alright, this is getting a bit long winded, So that will be enough for now.