A philosophy that you should always maintain when developing is to Write The Fricken Manual.

Many times over the years, i’ve heard the advice to “RTFM”. But the documentation wasn’t great. And no one was writing it. This sounds ridiculous, but until recently, the React documentation was spread across blog posts and tweets, and a huge effort was put into making a new documentation site that was up to date. In a way, it has probably been extremely helpful that React has not released a new version in almost 2 years.

When you write software, you must write the documetation. Immediately. Post haste. Pronto. When you move on to the next thing, you will forget how what you just made works. Write documentation like future you is an axe murderer with a time machine. Don’t anger future you.

Am I perfect at this? Heck no. Ask my coworkers. We’re struggling through getting stuff in my brain out in a usable form right now.

You have to try to write the docs though.